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Welcome to the KuFTP Home page!

KuFTP 1.5.0 released!

April 18,2008:
That's right, KuFTP version 1.5.0 released!
It contains a lot of fixes and new features in comparison to the last published version.

Thanks, and enjoy!

You can get it at the download page.

What is KuFTP?

KuFTP is a graphical FTP client for the K Desktop Environment.

Most notable features is Tab Sessions like Konqueror or Firefox,that is,you can have multiple simultaneous FTP session in tabs. Other features like bookmark manager,queue manager, multi charsets support,proxy support,speed limit and some small nifty features are currently available in the latest version.
The full list of features is here. Also if you like,see some screenshots of KuFTP.

Get involved

The project is always looking for more people.Please go to contribute and find what you can help.

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