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Translating KuFTP

Before translating, check the list below for already available languages.
In the 'po' directory inside the source archive,you will see the to translate file "kuftp.pot".
Make a copy of "kuftp.pot" and name it "xx.po" ( "xx" stands for your language ).
Then you can start translating.
Remember to add your name and email address to your .po file and please save it in unicode!

Download translated files

In the current release ( 1.5.0 ), only Simplified Chinese .po file included.
All translations will be included in the next maintenance release.

If you want to use other languages, you can download here( if available ) and follow this:
( take zh_CN.po for example )
$ msgfmt -o zh_CN.gmo zh_CN.po #if you download .po file
# cp zh_CN.gmo `kde-config --prefix`/share/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/kuftp.mo

Available languages

Language Download Binary
Czech cs_CZ.po cs_CZ.gmo

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